How to Ensure Complete Order Delivery (HOW)

Jun 20, 2023
To ensure that customers can receive all the items they have paid for, we can work together in the following way. Kindly refer to the details mentioned below, please:

Firstly, customers can just place their orders for the desired items on our website directly, but refrain from making the payment.

Secondly, upon receiving orders, we will check the inventory status with our warehouse and then send Proforma Invoices to customers. The Proforma Invoice will provide them with an update on their orders and will only charge for the available items.

Thirdly, customers can proceed with the payment after verifying the information provided in the Proforma Invoice.

Finally, once the payment is received, we will arrange to ship the orders to customers.

This process greatly reduces the likelihood of missing items and safeguards customers' rights.

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