Understanding the Meaning of the Symbol on a Skull Ring

What does that skull on your ring symbolize? It’s a question that haunts many people, even the ones who have been wearing them for a long time. You mostly notice them on the fingers of motorcyclists. It has always been one of the most popular style statements of bikes. However, it doesn’t mean that a regular person can’t wear one. Motorcyclists wear them because they believe in loyalty and commitment over everything else. So, if you wear one such trinket, then you become a believer in the same things. Then again, the skull isn’t one of those motifs that one can describe easily. Besides, the grotesque appearance of a human skull doesn’t emit “loyalty and commitment” vibes. So, what does it actually mean?




1. Death: The most obvious meaning of the skull is death. After all, this natural phenomenon becomes more recognizable when you showcase it with human bones. For instance, the Memento mori paintings utilize the skull as a metaphor for mortality. These paintings remind you that you aren’t immortal. Specific cultures of ancient times used to believe that a skull depicts the cycle of life and death. If you’re looking to buy stainless steel skull rings wholesale, then checkout Zuobisi Jewellery. 


2. Seize the day: There’s a Latin term called “carpe diem,” which means “seize the day.” By wearing stainless steel skull engagement rings, you remind yourself that you have a limited amount of time. Therefore, you must seize the day. You must live life to the fullest. That’s why motorcyclists sport them more than anyone else because they try to enjoy their lives to the fullest by spending their spare time riding their bikes with their friends and ruling the streets.




3. A reminder: “Life” is the opposite of “death.” If the skull motif on an ornament symbolizes mortality, then it also depicts that life that comes before death. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about showcasing yourself as a pessimistic person. This motif literally symbolizes the end, but it also signifies the beginning of something after the end. In many religions, the skull represents the afterlife.


4. Equality: Whether you’re wealthy or poor, good or evil, you will eventually die. Nothing can help you save yourself when your time comes. There was a time when people couldn’t realize the meaning of death. Back then, those with the means and resources to spare would try to cheat death. They could have used their power to help those who didn’t have anything. Instead, they attempted to save their own lives in vain. Today, you know that you will die, and you can’t escape it. However, the heart won’t accept that fact. The skull motif will keep on reminding you that you have to embrace death when your time reaches its end.






Finally, the skull motif is a sign of toughness. Since time immemorial, clothes and ornaments bearing the skull symbol used to be on the bodies of rebellious and tough people. For instance, the pirates who used to rule the open waters of the oceans and seas informed everyone of their presence using their “jolly roger” flag. One glance at that flag would strike terror in the hearts of the captains of the merchants' vessels. If you’re a rebellious person who has the strength and resilience to stand against oppressors and corrupt institutions of the society, then a skull motif deserves a place on your finger in the form of a ring.

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