big MOQ jewelry



big MOQ jewelry (21)

All items in this category have been out of stock already and we won't restock again until some buyers place big order on them. Hope you note and understand it.
Why does it happen?
There are several reasons that we decide to stop production these items.
Reason 1. the original mould was broken and it would cost us a new high mould cost to make a new one;
Reason 2. they are not welcome items; it will take long time to sell our stock once we do one production;
Reason 3. they are hard to produce and require a large quantity to make production; once we do one production, it will have lots of stock;
Reason 4. they are not the perfect jewelry, then we need to improve them firstly, so we have to stop them firstly;
And so on.
However, if you would like to buy these items, you can contact with us by email to check details with us; sometimes, if you can have big quantity, we will do our best to produce for you.
Generally, for stop production necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings, money clips, cuff-links, watches, it will only require 100pcs to produce; for rings, it will require 30pcs each size and 120pcs per item, but if you just want to buy 1 size and it will require 50pcs. Hope it is clear and acceptable by you.
Meantime, please offer us enough time to do production, generally, it will take about 25 days to finish production.